How do you take an innovative new baby product and give it the identity needed to deliver it into the hands of new parents?  By creating a name, brand position line, website and even packaging as unique and special as each newborn itself. A product designed to take the worry away from new parents as they learn how to support the delicate head and spine of their newborn was born when founder and creator Steven Papemo held his son in his arms for the very first time.  Supporting the baby’s head cupped in his hand and the spine on his forearm, he envisioned the Kepi Board +Swaddle as the perfect way to make sure a newborn’s head and body are protected, wrapped and loved. The name Kepi seemed natural for such a soothing and reassuring baby product, as “kepi” not only means “head” in Yiddish, but also conjures up the feeling of warmth, love and security one felt when a hand was placed on their head as they were told to “lay keppie” or “lay your kepala.” The Kepi Board + Swaddle gives security and reassurance to both newborn and parent, making the daunting task of caring for a newborn’s delicate structure easier for parent and safer for baby—“Fun from Day One.” We are grateful to have helped the birth of a very promising new company and product which will be helping both parents and newborns for years to come—Kepi.

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