What do you do to elevate the identity of an already prominent architectural landmark located in the heart of Century City, West LA? You give them a new identity worthy of their name and reputation. Constellation Place has remained to today a landmark of the Los Angeles skyline, exuding a timelessness that continues to attract the best and brightest in both business and entertainment.  It is indeed, a stand out “star” among the backdrop of the other Century City buildings, and their description of themselves as “A Rising Star” certainly fit. However, redesigning their logo to show “stars aligned” within it, led to “Constellation Place…Where Business Aligns” and was the perfect brand position line to give them the momentum to continue to grow and expand. Today’s growth most certainly involves technology, so we are recreating and rebuilding Constellation Place’s website, so that they can better reach and help “businesses align” their needs by coming to a star of the Century City skyline—Constellation Place.

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