“We wanted a powerful idea that in just a few words---one headline and a paragraph---could say volumes about The American States Water story and year in review.”  We took their idea of “FULL ON” to “Full…Service” in order to show how both the water supply and electric power supply parts of the company help make the lives of its shareholders, customers and employees “full.”  “Full” depicts dependable, reliable and always available water supply.  Not only that, but within the cover of the annual report, we showed how any time of day or night a customer can call for help and get an answer—“Full…service.”  The concept is simple, clean, easily understood, as are the pages within the annual report which includes reports, a 10-year statistical review and even a topographical map pinpointing American States Water company locations.  Clean, simple, and full of everything the client wanted to portray—in one concise annual report.

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