If you haven’t heard of the luxury candle company Aquiesse, you might have at least smelled their almost intoxicatingly fragrant scents while staying at a luxury hotel. A now world renowned name in the industry, Aquiesse started when the owner Michael Joseph Horn came to us with his line of exquisitely handcrafted candles and a desire to create an exclusive brand. We took that request and helped launch the company that Aquiesse is today—by first creating the company name, then crafting brand language, and finally designing sophisticated packaging. Aquiesse has since grown into a multi-million dollar company, selling top quality luxurious candles and home fragrances hand made in California with the finest ingredients. Their fragrances are inspired by nature and they sell some of the cleanest, best burning candles in the world, offered at an unparalleled value, making Aquiesse just one more highly regarded, successful company we’ve had the pleasure of helping become a bold shining light within its industry.

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