We weren’t always this popular. There was a time that the avocado was just a curiosity—a regional legend of indescribably good taste. But then something happened on our way to good health and better eating, this odd-looking, bumpy-skinned fruit starting turning up in all sorts of different cuisines, and more and more on grocery store shelves. People everywhere were suddenly eating and ordering everything with avocados. What in the avocado was happening!? 


Guacamole happened, for one. California rolls happened, for another. But there was something more creating this huge and growing appetite for avocados—something else that was feeding this frenzy—and, as it turns out, it was right in front of our faces every time we picked up an avocado to slice into its buttery goodness. It was the label on each and every perfect piece of fruit. The Calavo label.


You see, these weren’t just any avocados. These were Calavo avocados, which meant they were suddenly in season, every season. Our well-planned growth and continued advancements in sourcing, distribution, and ripening changed people’s perception and palate for avocados. Now, people could eat them everyday, and people are!


Today, Calavo avocados are everybody’s favorite, and it’s not just because of all the delicious ways you can enjoy them, or as importantly the incredible health benefits packed into every one. More so, it’s the assurance that comes from that Calavo label—a promise from our brand and our company—that everything we’re producing now—from the fresh fruits and vegetables to our delicious salsas, fresh salads, prepared foods and more—will be your favorite. Consumers, grocers, food-service providers, chefs and, as a result, our investors, all wholeheartedly agree



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