Beauty. Romance. Intrigue. The Girl from Ipanema represents the physical embodiment of ephemeral enticement. Seductive yet innocent. Alluring yet elusive. As sweet and refreshing as a cool ocean breeze sweeping across a long stretch of sun-scorched sand—a transient, yet somehow timeless respite from reality.

     The Girl from Ipanema is a dreamy, sensual, exotic vision. An enchanting state-of-mind that’s as fanciful yet as real as love itself. These are the emotions our designers weave together to create the essence of the Ipanema brand. It’s the unequalled desire and infatuation with perfection expressed in unique and exquisite beauty and elegance.
     Norman Gimbel, Grammy and Oscar winner as well as Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee, captures the soul of The Girl from Ipanema in timeless lyrics the meld seamlessly with the rhythmic pulse of a swaying bossa nova. While Ipanema beach—often listed as the sexiest beach in the world—with its natural beauty and undeniably sensuous aura, exudes a feverish passion and desire and provides a setting that’s impossible to ignore or forget.
    It is this heady wave of Brazilian beach culture—bright, flamboyant colors, sounds of swaying samba and sultry romantic ambience—that permeates the Ipanema brand. Capturing this gestalt—with its sense of yearning for the freedom, escapism and innocence of a carefree existence where only love matters—is what Ipanema is all about.  
     The Girl from Ipanema brand is for romantic dreamers everywhere who are enraptured and enthralled by beauty and long to capture that exotic and irresistible elegance and style in their lives. Like the Girl from Ipanema herself, it incorporates a rare and remarkable element found only on the world’s most enchanting beaches where the most young, tan and lithe bodies make their way into the sea and our dreams.

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