How do you take a high end grill and make it stand out from the line of ordinary every day grills on the market? You give it a brand experience that elevates it so that it stands apart from the rest.  Firemagic—the grill you use during the “Magic Hour—that special time of day when the world is simply aglow and everything around you seems so right”—was the spark Firemagic needed to ignite its brand recognition and sales. We applied this story also to their line of premium gas log sets—reminding everyone that being around a warm glowing fire also creates that “magic hour” we all have in our memories, being with friends and family.  But we didn’t stop there. Firemagic’s new image deserved a new tagline “Savor the Moment”, a logo redesign, and a new upscale image within their print and other media.  We even renamed some of their grills to elevate their appeal—the Aurora and the Echelon. You could say that we fanned the flame of Firemagic’s brand to burn brighter than the competition—taking it right out of the line of ordinary grillmakers, putting it atop the list of the most sought after, elite quality grills in the marketplace.


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