AeroVironment—the name everyone knows as the creator of the stealth hummingbird military drone, shown in the movie “Eye in the sky.” But before they were a name known around the world, they needed someone to get them there, to that level of recognition—by defining them and rebranding them. That’s where we came in—with “Human Power”—giving them an identity that targets their long time military technological advances, yet reminds one that there is a human element to everything they do. They are a company of innovators and problem solvers, creating drones for the military to protect us while leading the way in developing solar and electric powered vehicles. We took this company with over 40 years of technological breakthroughs and gave it the “human feel” it needed—with print spreads, brochures, annuals and other media telling the story of how AeroVironment has the desire to both protect and preserve our nation, and the environment in which we live. Our 2013 annual for them showcases what they do and how—from helping police and military get better information while staying safe through drone usage, to developing the best charging systems for electric vehicles making it easier for us to preserve our planet. A dynamically innovative engineering company like AeroVironment deserved to be shown to the world for who they are—a company with forward thinking ideas and solutions with the heart and passion behind it all—“Human Power.”

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