The admired Calavo brand—and its widespread recognition and affinity with our customers—is no flash in the pan. Instead, this respected reputation is a result of a 95-year company tradition of delivering the finest, highest quality and most flavorful avocados, fresh fruits, vegetables and other products worthy of carrying our name.


Focused execution year-in, year-out delivering on this brand promise translates to nothing short of super visibility among customers and consumers. Calavo’s brand equity is one of our most valuable intangible assets. 


Reciprocally, from a company standpoint, visibility has an altogether different meaning: a clear, unimpeded industry perspective that powers our market leadership. Calavo’s core strengths in sourcing, production management, sales and distribution are built upon our senior management team’s decades-long industry experience. It provides us the vision, know-how and breadth of grower and customer relationships—among numerous other factors—that represent true strategic differentiators and competitive advantages.

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