Who wouldn’t love to work in a place where there are 17 acres of outdoor water features and gardens to escape to for not just a break but inspiration as well? This and more is the attraction at the Water Garden, located in the epicenter of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica. We are proud to be a part of helping Water Garden establish a brand identity and a brand position line, as their design is at the forefront of innovative office development, bringing the future of workplaces right here to southern California. It’s been proven that taking short periodic walks in nature can improve a person’s attention and focus, making employees up to 30% more productive—“Open Spaces. Open Minds”. With a sensory garden, water pools and ponds, a river walk, and greenery covering most every place you look, Water Garden is the office of the future—here now, in the present. It’s a space not just for creative and artistic companies, but also for any business that wants to provide a peaceful atmosphere for their company’s employees to work, create and grow.

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