The Century Park Towers were built to commemorate the birth of Century City, one of the most vibrant and prominent business districts in Los Angeles. Updating the image of this gleaming icon of Century City meant giving them a new identity and a new brand position line—one that would show the world just how ahead of the modern curve they had stayed despite their stately seniority within the city. “Century Park…Where the Future Works” along with an updated brand logo to match, is the starting point for businesses to discover how Century Park has kept up to date with numerous and frequent upgrades using the most advanced technologies and state of the art sustainability features. But “Where the Future Works” is not just about the modern, timely updates to Century Park—it also refers to the belief that Century Park is a “desired destination”—a place OF the future and FOR the future—where future-focused companies go to work in as their center of choice for creating concepts and executing projects that will shape our future to come.

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